Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'm 24. I live in Ohio.

I feel like I'm carrying around a .... heffalump. On my shoulders. Pretty much all of the time. 
Is that normal? 

I'm a blogging newbie. My decision to become a "blogger" in a sea of bloggers... is, I believe, some type of attempt to be heard. I have a miserable job and lack of motivation to improve my situation. This makes me wonder - how prevalent was mental illness, depression in particular, during the more "survivalist" time of the world? When your concerns are finding food in the forest, as opposed to my habit of looking in the pantry stocked full of food and seeing nothing I want, I just bet you have less time to be mopey.

Let's be real here. It can seem silly and ridiculous to be unhappy in a world of so much good. 

I've recently discovered "The Bloggess", a very popular online blogger who struggles with her own depression and anxiety. That blog, combined with the Postsecret project (which I've followed for about 7 years) has really opened my eyes to the prevalence of mental illness. There are so many people struggling with similar battles. Even when they seem "normal".

I am hoping that I can write funny anecdotes most of the time. I used to write a lot, and always enjoyed it. My boyfriend tells me how funny I am almost every day (although he is the only one...). This post is not funny, but I will not apologize. Probably won't. My confidence is slightly below sea level at the moment. I am struggling. But I am not struggling alone. 

I am not struggling alone. 

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