Friday, January 20, 2012

Scene: Board Meeting

Backstory: I work with an evil, pure evil, woman.. If I saw that she was being accused of murdering puppies on the 5:00 news, I would only be able to nod, knowingly.

Me: [Reading a book quietly to myself before the meeting.]
Evil Bitch (E.B.): What, am I already boring you?
Me: No, I just wanted to read my book..
E.B.: Well, I guess I should come up with a funny story.
Me: ...[waiting for the story]
E.B.: [making noises that must mean she's thinking, because I don't believe I've heard them before]
Me: Great story.
E.B.: Well I guess nothing funny happened this week.

Maybe the puppies died from boredom induced by her storytelling. Perhaps it was involuntary puppy-slaughter. Perhaps.

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